Robert Ludgate
Owner of Ludgate Engineering, campaign chair

Larry Hoffa
Owner of Larry E. Hoffa & Co and Campaign Treasurer

Kevin Barnhardt
Berks County Commissioner

Ted and Lisa Lavender
Owners of Berks, Fire and Water Restoration

Paul Brooker

Robert Kirwan, Esquire

James Polyak, Esquire

Isamac Torres – Figueroa

Sean Wyandt

Bill Wyandt

Amy Miller, Esquire

Dave Franke

Stephanie Hager, Esquire

Nicole Manley, Esquire

Julie Marburger, Esquire

Dan Emkey, Esquire

Kevin and Jane Guldin
Owners of Oley Valley Feed

Geraldine Serpico
Vice President of International Fireworks Manufacturing Co.

Kim Slonaker
Executive Director of the Boyertown YMCA

Marianne V. Deery
Mayor of Boyertown

Emmett Lien
President of Edge Insights

Gregory Henry, Esquire

Christopher Mercer
Owner of Mercer’s Collision

Jeffrey and Cindy Karver

Troy Kantner
Owner of Solve IT Solutions, LLC

Becky Dahms

Kelly Young

Scott and Gloria Auve

Craig Boyd, Esquire

Dave and Tara Boyd

Lee and Pam McLaughlin

Jacob Drissel

Samuel  Zimmer

Dave and Kim Parish

James and Tracy Shoemaker

Kurt and Traci Dotterer

Roger and Lenoir Lahr

Ryan Rhoades

Earl Kline

Leianne Cunningham

Dennis and Deb Phillips

Wendy Martz
Owner of Maxxout

Jessica Rapp
Owner of Unique Physique for Life

Russell Decker

Sam and Jenn Diehl

Lee Levengood
Everything Printing & Shipping Center 

Jay Waldman
Waldman Lawgroup

State Police FOP Lodge 65

Top Rated Candidate by Members of the Berks Bar Association

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